Is a Ceramic Heater Cheap to Run?

Is a ceramic heater cheap to run? It can be hard to decide if a ceramic heater is a good idea for your budget. If you are looking for a ceramic heater that’s cheap to run, finding the best ceramic tower heater can be daunting. They all have different benefits and drawbacks. But many ceramic heaters can be cheap to run, and very convenient for keeping your home warm. We’ve done all the research to work out which is the best ceramic tower heater for your page. Read on to learn everything you need about ceramic heaters!

Is a Ceramic Heater Cheap to Run? 

Many people choose a ceramic heater because they are believed to be cheap to run. But is a ceramic heater cheap to run?

However, whether a ceramic heater is cheap to run can depend on your space. If your space is relatively energy efficient, without lots of drafts, a ceramic heater can be a cheaper option! They work best in smaller spaces, and are less efficient if there are drafts or uninsulated windows in the area you are trying to heat up. 

Ceramic heaters are cheap to run because the ceramic casing gains heat quickly but loses it slowly. This allows a small fan heater to build the heat quickly, but not waste energy producing more heat when the ceramic can instead remain warm. 

They are also easy to set up, so you won’t have to pay an installation fee. 

Do Ceramic Heaters Use a Lot of Electricity? 

If you are wondering if a ceramic heater is cheap to run, you will probably want to know how much electricity they use. Generating heat always uses a lot of electricity, so a ceramic heater will use more energy than most other small electrical appliances. However, these are a very efficient form of electric heater. 

All ceramic heaters use a different wattage of electricity. 

However, unlike plastic fan heaters which lose heat around the sides, ceramic heaters retain warmth very well. This makes them much more energy efficient and cheap to use. 

How Much Does It Cost to Run a Ceramic Heater? 

All ceramic heaters are relatively affordable compared to similar sizes of electric heaters made of plastic or metal, but how much they cost to run will vary by model. 

The size of a ceramic heater, the voltage, and the wattage all affect how much it costs to run the ceramic heater. The average ceramic heater uses about 10 cents (USD) for every 100 watts of power. 

A larger ceramic heater might use more, but will heat more space. A very small ceramic heater will correspondingly be less efficient. Knowing how much it costs to run a ceramic heater can help you answer the question of is a ceramic heater cheap to run, so check the model you are considering before you use it to be sure of how much it will cost to run.