Which is Better – Baseboard or Wall Heater? The Definitive Guide

Wall heaters and baseboard heaters are both electric and smaller, cheaper alternatives to central heating.

But which one suits you best? Read on to find out.

What is a Baseboard Heater?

Baseboard heaters are convection heaters. 

A vent lets cold air in from a window, and metal fins that are heated by electricity disperse hot air through the heater. Baseboard heaters circulate hot air by heating the room from a lower level, since hot air rises and cold air settles at the bottom.

What is a Wall Heater?

By heating an ‘element’, which the fan blows into the room, a wall heater or fan forced heater disperses hot air very quickly into the room. 

To prevent the room from getting too hot too soon, wall heaters speed up the air circulation process.

What’s the Difference Between Baseboard and Wall Heaters?

There’s a difference between a baseboard heater and a wall heater. 

They don’t have the same features. Placement is the biggest difference. 

Baseboard heaters run along the floor. They can be stacked to heat more space. However, they can’t be placed on an uneven surface. 

You put wall heaters on the wall and they direct heat into the room. You can’t stack them. Therefore, they’re better for heating small rooms with lots of furniture. If you have an uneven wall, wall heaters are also a good choice. 

What’s More Efficient Than Baseboard Heaters?

It’s more efficient to have a wall heater than a baseboard heater. 

Both aren’t the most efficient, though. The average wall heater uses 400 watts. That’s about half as much as a baseboard heater.

It takes 1,000 watts to run a baseboard heater. Convection heaters use the same amount of electricity as wall heaters. It can heat a bigger space, though. 

It takes about 800 watts to run a warm air furnace. Compared to a baseboard heater, it’s more efficient. However, it can’t heat a big space.

Why You Should Consider Upgrading from a Baseboard to a Wall Heater

If your floor is uneven, baseboard heaters are great. 

They sit on the floor. So, they don’t need to be level to work properly. 

However, wall heaters are better if your wall is uneven. They’re also good if the room has a lot of furniture. Wall heaters can be placed in small spaces. 

So, you have more options if you have limited space. Wall heaters are also more efficient than baseboard heaters. So, they cost less to operate. And, wall heaters don’t create a lot of noise like a baseboard heater does.

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