What Type of Heater Is Best for a Large Room?

What is the best heater for a large room? We’ve searched far and wide for what type of heater is best for a large room, and we have collected them all here so you can find the best match for your needs as the winter months draw in.

If you’re looking for the best heater for a large room, you’ll want something which efficiently cycles heat across a large space rather than providing a warm spot to huddle around. Whether it’s a garage or attic or a dining room, hall, or office, we can teach you what is the best heater for a large room. Read on to find out.

What Type of Heater Is Best for a Large Room?

Typically, any type of large heater will help in a large room, but the best type of heater for a large room are more compact options. 

Generally, tower heaters are used for smaller spaces, but the Pelonis Tower is one of the best options for large rooms.

 With forced air, it puts out a very hot stream of air, so it’s the best choice for a space-saving heater in a big room. It uses forced air, so it’s more efficient than heated surfaces. There’s a lot of heat coming out of this 1,500W model, perfect for heating a spot in a big room and circulating some of the heat around.

What Is the Best Heater for a Large Room?

The Duraflame electric is great for large spaces, especially in areas you use a lot. Using infrared quartz, this electric fireplace style heater maintains a natural, humid level of heat that carries across an entire room without killing the air near it. It looks fantastic, with three-dimensional artificial flames and smoldering lods which can be changed for brightness, speed, and color in addition to the thermostat adjustments. This heater heats up to 1,000 square feet and is 5,200 BTU, so it’s perfect for large rooms. 

What Is the Fastest Way to Heat a Large Room?

A powerful forced air unit is the fastest way to heat a large room. The best option for a lot of large rooms would be the Cadet 67527. This 4,000W unit is ideal for large, drafty spaces like attics or garages, with an output 150% that of the average forced air heater which can cover rooms of up to 600 square feet. There is a little more initial setup than other units, as it needs to be installed in a recess in the wall, but after that point is very easy to use and doesn’t take up any space in the room. This is a great heater for a large room, and its super efficient. 

How Can I Heat a Large Room Cheaply?

It’s hard to find efficient heaters for large rooms, but there are some great ones. Dr. Infrared is one of the best options for heating a big room efficiently, an affordable unit that’s energy-efficient and steady. It puts out 60% more heat than other heaters around the 1,500W mark because it uses both convection and infrared technology. Both methods deliver heat quickly and efficiently over a large area without using a lot of energy. With a quiet fan, it’s also great for offices and bedrooms.